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AREO3 is a range of new generation ozone/active oxygen (O3) generators for household use and for commercial activities sanitization. All AREO3 devices improve air quality to increase our well-being and quality of life. AREO3 devices are 100% made in Italy and are the result of decades of experience in the field of hygiene and sanitization.

Ozone (O3) is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms

The main characteristics of Ozone are:

  • it has a high oxidizing power;
  • it can degrade complex organic compounds;
  • powerful disinfectant action;
  • it can be used for water disinfection because it doesn’t leave any smell or taste;
  • unlike other disinfectants (such as chlorine), it does not leave residues;
  • after 20 minutes, O3 turns into Oxygen and can be reused and does not require elimination treatments.

AREO3 kills Viruses and Bacteria!

The Italian Ministry of Health, with protocol no. 24482 of 31 July 1996, recognized the use of Ozone as a Natural Defence for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites.
After 20 minutes, the O3 generated by AREO3 turns into Oxygen and the rooms can be reused and it does not require elimination treatments.


AREO3 ozonizers sanitize tools and worktops from pathogens, such as bacteria and molds, preventing their proliferation on food and surfaces.
The AREO3 range is also used for the treatment of drinking water and for washing food containers.


With the AREO3 devices it is possible to obtain complete deodorization of the rooms, eliminating for example the smell of smoke and odours in the kitchen (frying, fish, cheese, garlic, etc.).


Water treated with an AREO3 ozonizer can be applied to the coat and skin of pets, guaranteeing our little friends complete disinfection.
The use of AREO3 devices for air and environment disinfection is an innovative method in housecleaning, for the elimination of spores, bacteria, viruses, chemical vapours and fumes and, obviously, insects and parasites.


The AREO3 ozonizers allow extending the shelf life of food, without leaving residues and without altering its taste, as they eliminate bacteria and microorganisms responsible for the rapid degradation of food.


Using an AREO3 device inside the room keeps insects away: flies, mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, ants, spiders, moths.

5 year warranty

AREO3 devices are supplied with a 5-year warranty and, in case of malfunction they are immediately replaced with a new device.

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AREO3 is the range of products of the hygiene and ozone sanitization division of the Consorzio Acqua-Nuova, leader in Italy for twenty years in the marketing of domestic water treatment plants for food use. A company always at the forefront and in search of excellence to offer solutions and devices that improve well-being and quality of life.

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